Hawai’i Island Banana Plants & Produce

Seaview Farms is a home-based micro-farm in Kalapana Seaview Estates, Hawaii. On only 0.6 acres, I am growing dozens of types of fruit trees, including over 60 varieties of bananas.

I sell plants from my home by appointment. Credit/Debit cards and ApplePay accepted. Contact me to confirm we’re open this weekend or visit the farm to purchase plants. Do not contact me about Gros Michel bananas if you’re not in Hawaii. I DO NOT SHIP PLANTS OR FRUIT! LOCAL SALE ONLY. Regulations make it illegal to ship plants or fruit outside of Hawaii without specific certifications, in order to minimize spread of diseases and insects to other places. Plants are dug up to order. 

Some of my plants have had bunchy top virus, and there is no way to know for certain that a plant isn’t infected. I will sell if you’ve already had infected plants or know your area has been impacted by bunchy top. Unfortunately that’s virtually all of the Big Island.

If you’re looking for our vacation rental, Bananarama Cottage, you can find that here, and Banarama Bakery here.

Check out the article I was interviewed for on BBC Future.

As a vegan with a focus on sustainability and being cruelty-free, my farm is solar powered and uses no animal products. Some of my missions are to promote growing our own food, banana diversity, and saving severely endangered Hawaiian banana varieties known as Mai’a.

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